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Add my own Website and Apps#68

Ability to add my own apps and websites to the blocklist.

a year ago

I love the app! One thing that would make it better is if there was the ability to add apps outside of the ones listed to those that are disconnected. For example, I have been spending more time than I should on a brain training app because it gives me the same hit of dopamine as a game. It would be great to be able to add that app to the list of ones that require a set intention to use because that has been a big enough barrier to using other apps to simply pass the time.

a year ago
Merged Customize what apps get blocked#126
8 months ago

Is this planned? It’s really really needed :)

4 months ago
Changed the status to
High Demand
2 months ago


a month ago

p l e a s e add this
i will buy premium for this
MOST of my distractions are other sites

a month ago