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Figma compatibility#197


Your application is a real gem! But unfortunately, I won’t be able to use it because I am a product designer and I use figma - let me explain:

As a PD, I use figma mirror to see in real time on my phone how all my designs look (I mostly design mobile apps). This instant feedback works if the laptop and phone are using the same wifi connection. But, since Opal uses a VPN to monitor and restrict other applications, Figma can’t detect my phone, so I can’t use Figma mirror.

Is there any way around this problem? Can we connect both Opal on the laptop on the same VPN? Would Figma Mirror work in this case?

This really sucks for me, and I’m sure many of your users are Figma users too, so you should consider this a deterrent to using your product.

8 months ago

Thanks for sharing @Andrea.carl.cardi , we will look into it

8 months ago
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6 months ago