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Add Meditation#15

Currently: If I go to use other apps, Opal pops up with a notification wondering if I want to pause.

Proposed solution: Provide the user alternatives or mini-dopamine hits so they don’t have to go cold turkey. This could look like a lot of really different cool things.
Ex. Start Opal w/ 5 min focus meditations to get you ready to work
Ex. Pause w/ Opal. Entertaining 2 min videos in the app so you don’t have to leave to get a pause.

Why it works: It demonstrates an understanding for the users need by providing them an alternative when they need it most. The user doesn’t have to choose between Opal or the phone they’re addicted to.
Continued (at this point wholly unnecessary) analogy: Its the Nicorette gum to a smoking addict, Methadone clinic for a Opioid addict

2 years ago