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⏱ Budget use of distracting apps#114

Hi! Love the idea of this app and that you’re people-focused and not selling our data. I’m very specifically looking for an app that will let me set app time limits within a schedule. My issue with social media is not just that I lose track of time, but also that I have poor impulse control, so if I give myself a limit of 1 hour of Instagram a day, I’ll use it all in one sitting. I want to be able to set a schedule that says from 7a-10a, I have a 15 minute Instagram limit, and from 10a-6pm, I have a 30 minute Instagram limit. There was a website extension for chrome WasteNoTime that allows you to do this which was great for the world before smart phones, but I haven’t been able to find a solution that can do the same for apps. Do you have any intention of adding this feature or something similar? Thanks! Lara

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